Avenge Us Brewing Co.

My Role

Creative Direction


Avenge Us Brewing is a passion project combining my two favorite things, beer and super heroes. Timed with the release of Avengers End Game, I developed a concept that featured members of the Avengers team each of which had their own specific style and type of beer. This was a project where I wanted to expand my range of visual design skills. I focused a lot on illustration, 3D modeling, and even some copywriting.

Steve Roges APA

Originating from an old recipe crafted in 1942 during WWII by Dr. Abraham Erskine and later revised by Howard Stark, Captain Rogers APA is a galaxy-focused pale ale with a ton of flavor that punches you in the face and feels like it can do it all day. This beer has a high moral compass when it comes to flavor and isn’t willing to compromise it for anything less than what it believes in, which is providing hop-forward, balanced beer for the people.

Stark Stout

originally crafted by Howard Stark and later refined and evolved by Tony Stark with the help of fellow master brewer Pepper Potts, Stark stout originated with Coffee beans imported from a small cave in Afghanistan, but later replaced by Jarvis beans. This stout dark, roast-y, and has a pinch of narcissism. Every new batch is a monumental upgrade from it’s predecessors. We recommend a nice tall glass paired with some shawarma.

Asgardian Pilsner

Take special care, this is a beer not meant for mortal men. Aged for a thousand years in the barrels built from the wreck of Brunhilde's fleet, and transported by way of the Bifrost throughout the Nine Realms, this Asgardian Pilsner is commonly enjoyed by the God of Thunder himself. Whosoever holds this beer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Binary Blond Ale

An absolute marvel, a sight to be seen, a force to be reckoned with. She's not what you think she is. In fact, she's one of the universe's most powerful beers. High-flying and hard-punching, this Blonde Ale has gone through many iterations throughout its legendary history, but no matter what, it's clearly out of this world...literally. So get ready. Here she comes. Higher, further, faster, baby!


James Dowd - Copywriting, super hero knowledge