My Role



Mazuma Mobile is mobile phone company in the U.K. similar to Gazelle here in the United States. They buy old phones from customers and refurbish them for re-sale. Working on the team at Digital Surgeons we were tasked with updating their VERY out-of-date brand while still appealing to the massive customer base they had. This was a very collaborative project at Digital Surgeons with many members of the creative team throwing in. My role was a little bit of everything. From logo design to overall branding, and a lot of the online experience.

Logo Redesign

While Mazuma's old logo was extremely dated it carried with it a lot of nostalgia to their customers. The new identity needed to pay homage to that, while also looking modern. Mark Myrick developed the concept for the logomark of Maz, and I developed the logo type. Round corners inspired from most modern day smart phones, and also having the a's mimic chat bubbles. The logomark and type came together perfectly.

Design Study

After we figured out the new logo we quickly began working on the design study where the overall branding would come together. Mazuma prides it self on having the fastest trade in process in the U.K. We leveraged that when designing the identity and wanted to carry it over in the branding, with advertisements that said "Lightening fast trade-ins" long time customers quickly recognized and embraced the new Mazuma mobile.

Meet Maz

To reintroduce Mazuma and Maz (the logomark) we designed an experience explaining to old and new customers exactly how Mazuma worked when trading in your old phone.

A New Online Experience

With the successful relaunch of the brand and the trade-in experience we also designed the online store for Mazuma. Which led to a major up-tick in sales.

The Team

Mark Myrick, Joe Pilcavage, Alex Hornak, Andre Picard